My name is Bobby Dunn and I am sorry but I cannot write in German. I am originally American but I have been in France for 20 years living in Strasbourg...we are neighbors!  I have self-produced my second album.  It is called 'Two Sides Of A Coin' and it ROCKS!  I wrote all the words (in English...I don't write lyrics in French either!) and some of the songs.  I play with an excellent guitarist and composer by the name of Kevin Weiss (An Alsacien) and our group is French from the Alsace.  The album has 13 titles in a style mixed with elements of thoughtful Folk, dancing Rock and groovy Blues. 

We have played/ interviewed three times LIVE on the radio in Strasbourg (Fréquence Verte-92.8). We will be playing LIVE (recorded) on France 3 TV on the morning show Feb 6th...I will be a guest on that show! 

I am from San Francisco where I lived for 39 years.  Now I live in Strasbourg since the year 2000.  I love living in Europe. Professionally, I am a TV cameraman. My guitarist, Kevin Weiss, owns a guitar store and has invented/built a line of guitars. The bass player is a Male Nurse.  His name is Vincent Troesch. And the drummer is a professor of sport and history at the University of Strasbourg. His name is François Sutter.

We would love to share our story and our music with you and your listeners. You can hear the album at




We live in Strasbourg. We have played for a year around Strasbourg. Now we want to come into Baden-Württemberg and play!


Guitar Life

Two Sides Of A Coin

Many Days